Vystal 2008 wishlist

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You can now post some wishes you have about the new vystal! (only serious things please)


New Screenshot

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New Screenshot of the Vystal control interface. It also shows Vystal running without DirectX 10. It’s running with DirectX 9

You can see the Windows Media Player 10 in the background. The visualization behind the glass border is rendered in the border in realtime by vystal without any delay!
So you can watch movies behind the glass border in realtime, too

a video preview showing vystal using dx9 will be posted soon (i hope)

(click to enlarge)

running stable

•25. November 2007 • Leave a Comment

Vystal 4.0 is running quite stable at the moment so that a beta release is not far away.
I also added DirectX 9 support for older video cards.
And now Vystal 4.0 has multi processor support. That means Vystal uses each processor for rendernig the GUI.

I am now working on the performance because vystal is still using 25% of CPU on single core and 5-10% on dual core processors.

Vystal 4.0 in development

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Vystal 4.0 is in development now.
a video preview is available at youtube.com!